Wednesday, 21 November 2012


At the top of the steps of a red children's slide - with houses blue sky and clouds.

Red platform at the top of a slide - with houses.

3 comments: said...

Way to the slide is neat.

I joined to follow you.

I am interested in fugus trees but really never got involved as why it is there.

So seeing your study on it.

Pretty amazing.

I often wonder with a tree on my walks of takes.

How old they reall are in tree age?

Where I live we had a Tornado many years back about 7 years.

All the 2oo year old trees were hit and the street loss all.

I did take alott of pictures of that Tornado.

I love trees.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Sparkle. I too love trees! And thank you for becoming a follower.

Paul B said...

I love the colours here, v nice despithe the damp.